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The Ireland Ambassador Pledges to Strengthen Connections with Nigeria

The Ambassador of Ireland to Nigeria, Peter Ryan, has expressed his commitment to enhancing the existing relations between Nigeria and his country. During the Very Reverend Father Dennis Slattery Memorial Lecture organized by St. Finbarr’s College Old Boys Association in Victoria Island, Lagos, Ryan emphasized the importance of strengthening the ties between Ireland and Nigeria.

A Closer Look at the Relationship

Ireland and Nigeria have had a long history of cordial relations, and Ambassador Peter Ryan aims to build upon this foundation. He believes that both countries share many similarities, such as a rich cultural heritage, love for music, dance, storytelling, sports, and literature. Ryan acknowledged the contributions of Irish people who have dedicated their lives to the development of Nigeria, regardless of social status or background.

“We have a lot of similarities; we are both proud of our cultures, dance, music, storytelling, sports, and literature. I see a lot of Irish spirit in Nigeria,” said Ryan. “We don’t need 100 Irish people here to remember the contributions and the special connection we have. This is written on the soil of Nigeria. Irish people devoted their lives to young people in Nigeria without caring about their status or where they come from. That is the message I got while growing up, and that’s the message we will pass to our kids.”

The Legacy of Very Reverend Father Dennis Slattery

The Very Reverend Father Dennis Slattery, in whose memory the lecture was organized, played a significant role in Nigeria. He pioneered the technical curriculum for secondary schools in the country and served as the founding chairman of the Nigerian Football Association and the Nigerian Referees Association (NRA). Father Slattery’s contributions to education and sports in Nigeria have left a lasting impact and served as a testament to the strong ties between Ireland and Nigeria.

Strengthening Existing Relations

Ambassador Ryan’s commitment to strengthening the relationship between Ireland and Nigeria extends beyond cultural aspects. He aims to enhance various areas of cooperation, including trade, education, and technology exchange. The Ambassador believes that leveraging the existing connections between the two countries can maximize opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.

Deepening Cultural Exchanges

Cultural exchanges between Ireland and Nigeria have played a crucial role in fostering understanding and appreciation between the two nations. The Ambassador expressed his desire to continue promoting cultural interactions, facilitating exchanges of artists, musicians, writers, and other creative individuals. These efforts aim to create a platform for cultural dialogue, further strengthening the bond between Ireland and Nigeria.

Economic Cooperation and Trade

Economic cooperation between Ireland and Nigeria holds significant potential for both countries. Ireland, known for its thriving technology and innovation sectors, can offer expertise and investment opportunities to Nigeria. In turn, Nigeria, with its vast natural resources and growing market, presents a valuable trade partner for Ireland. The Ambassador emphasized the importance of exploring avenues for expanding trade relations and promoting investment between the two nations.

Educational Partnerships

Education is another area where Ireland and Nigeria can collaborate for mutual benefit. Ireland is renowned for its quality education system, and the Ambassador expressed his willingness to facilitate educational partnerships between Irish and Nigerian institutions. Such collaborations can provide Nigerian students access to world-class education and research opportunities while fostering academic and cultural exchanges.

Technological Advancements

With Nigeria’s rapidly growing technology sector and Ireland’s expertise in information technology, there is immense potential for collaboration in this field. The Ambassador highlighted the importance of sharing knowledge and best practices in areas such as digital technology, telecommunications, and innovation. By fostering technological partnerships, both countries can contribute to each other’s growth and development.

People-to-People Connections

Ambassador Ryan emphasized the importance of people-to-people connections in strengthening the relationship between Ireland and Nigeria. He acknowledged the contributions of the Irish diaspora in Nigeria and expressed his commitment to preserving and promoting these connections. The Ambassador believes that personal relationships, built on trust and understanding, form the foundation for long-lasting and fruitful collaborations.

Future Collaborations

Looking ahead, Ambassador Ryan expressed his enthusiasm for future collaborations between Ireland and Nigeria. He highlighted the need for continued dialogue and engagement between the two countries to identify areas of mutual interest and explore opportunities for cooperation. The Ambassador’s visit to Nigeria and his participation in events like the Very Reverend Father Dennis Slattery Memorial Lecture demonstrate Ireland’s dedication to fostering stronger ties with Nigeria.

The Ambassador of Ireland to Nigeria, Peter Ryan, is committed to strengthening the existing relations between Ireland and Nigeria. Through cultural exchanges, economic cooperation, educational partnerships, and technological advancements, both countries can benefit from a closer relationship. The Ambassador’s pledge to deepen connections between Ireland and Nigeria reflects the shared values and mutual respect that form the basis of their friendship. With ongoing efforts, the bond between Ireland and Nigeria will continue to grow, fostering collaboration and prosperity for both nations.


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