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Countries Nigerian can go without Visa

As of April 2024, Nigerian passport holders have the privilege of traveling to 27 countries without requiring a visa. Additionally, they can obtain 21 e-visas and benefit from 12 visas on arrival. Let’s explore some of these Countries Nigerian can go without Visa:

  • Barbados: Permits up to six months of stay.

Benin: Grants a ninety-day stay.
Burkina Faso: No precise information is available.
Cameroon: Grants a 90-day stay.
Cape Verde: No precise information is available.
Chad: Grants a three-month stay.
Ghana: Precise information is unavailable.
Guinea: No precise information is available.
Guinea-Bissau: No precise information is available.
Liberia: Precise information is unavailable.
Mali: No precise information is available.
Niger: Precise information is not accessible.
Senegal: Grants a 90-day stay.
Sierra Leone: Precise information is unavailable.
Togo: No precise information is available.

Fiji: Permits up to four months of stay.
Micronesia: Allows for a maximum 30-day stay.
Vanuatu: Grants a maximum 30-day stay.
Cook Islands: Permits stays of up to thirty-one days.
Niue: Permits a maximum 30-day stay.
Pitcairn Islands: Offers a 14-day stay without requiring a visa; a landing fee of $35 USD or a tax of $5 USD if staying onshore is required.

  • Palestine: It is not permitted to enter the Gaza Strip by sea.

Documents required for passport renewal?

To renew your Nigerian passport, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  1. Your Old Nigerian Passport: You’ll need your existing passport as it serves as a reference for renewal1.

  2. Two Recent Passport-Sized Photographs: These should meet the standard passport photo requirements1.

  3. Completed Online Application Form: Fill out the application form online and print it. Check the box stating, “I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM” before printing2.

  4. Payment Confirmation Slip: After submitting your application, you’ll receive a payment confirmation. Keep this slip handy.

  5. Acknowledgment Slip: This slip confirms your application submission. You’ll need it for your interview.

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