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Business Permit

Get your official document issued by government authority that grants permission to legally operate a specific type of business or engage 

Quota Renewal

extending or renewing your quota doesn’t have to be stressful, Let’s help you handle the process  and make it hassle-free.

Quota Addition

Why settle for ordinary when Quota Addition offers you the extraordinary? Get Ready to Soar with Quota Addition!

Visa on Arrival

We offer Visa on Arrival service to help our clients obtain their visas quickly and efficiently upon arrival at their destination.

New Quota Position

we offer a comprehensive New Quota Position Service to help our clients obtain the necessary quota positions to support their business growth.

Subject to Regularization

The STR (Subject to Regularization) visa is issued according to the dates as specified on your contract and typically allows for a single entry. 

Donias is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing Immigration Consultants. 

Our  success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way by operating responsibly, executing with excellence 

we offer

Travel services for businesses

We specialize in corporate travel and provide services tailored to individuals who travel for business purposes.

Online Travels

Equipped with industry – leading expertise and advanced travel management software.

Data Management

We have established data management and reporting protocols to assess how well our services are performing.

Cost Optimization

We work closely with our team of experts to develop and implement effective travel programs aimed at optimizing costs.

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Change of Director

We understand the importance of updating your documents When a change of director occurs in a company registered with CAC

Registration of Companies

Company registration legally establishes a new business entity and provides it with a separate legal identity, allowing it to engage in business activities, enter into contracts, and enjoy various legal protections.

Registration of Charges

This process is typically carried out with the relevant government authority, such as the Companies Registry or the Registrar of Companies, depending on the jurisdiction.

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See the world of your choice by getting your desired  Travel package with us, we can make that happen for you with No stress, so you have a Hassle free experience.

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