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Kindly find below the Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

1.) Your valid international passport booklet with previous visas and a minimum of two blank
The passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your proposed date of

2.) Filled Canada Visa Application Form

3.) Proof of paid Canada visa fees.

4.) Proof of social ties to Nigeria; such as your marriage certificate and your child’s birth certificate.

5.) Introduction letter from the employer, stating that you are their staff and have been
granted work leave.

6.) If you are self-employed, you may present your company’s registration certificate
alongside a letter introducing you as the owner of your company.

7.) Six months’ bank statement of account, showing your solvency for your trip.

8.) Cover letter, explaining your trip purpose, itinerary, and duration of stay with
specific entry and exit dates. (We provide)

9.) Other documents; such as proof of enrollment in an educational institution (if you are a
student), consent letter from a spouse, and proof of property ownership among others.

10.) Birth certificate or affidavit.
An appointment with VFS will be booked


1. Birth certificate
2. NIN
3. State of origin
4. 4 recent Passport photogragh

The processing of Nigerian passport renewal takes 6-8 weeks after capturing and you can get the capturing date only after payment as payment validates the capturing date.

Passport have 3 different ranges
32 pages 5 years 65,000 naira +7.5% tax
64 pages 5 years 85,000 naira +7.5% tax
64 pages 10 years 120,000 naira +7.5% tax


Kindly find below Visa on arrival  Requirements

1.) Company Letterhead ( invitation letter )

2.)  Passport scan copy of Applicant ( front and back )

3.)  Company Authorization representative ( Cerpac card / ID Card /Passport Data Page )

4.) Certificate of incorporation  

5.) Flight Ticket


Document Required for STR VISA (Employee)

1. International Passport

2.  4 Photograph

3.  Invitation letter 

4.  4 recent Passport photographs

5.  Acceptance letter

6. Certificate of Incorporation

7.  ID Card ( Person who is signing the Invitation Letter )

8.  Educational Certificate 

9.  Curriculum Vitae ( CV )

10.  Company Expatriate ( CV ) 

11.  The last three Months quota return

12.  Business Permit ( if the company Any shareholder  If Foreigner )

Document Required for STR VISA (Spouse)

  1.  International pasport of Principal ( Husband )
  2.  International Passport
  3.  4 Photographs 
  4.  Invitation Letter Address to Nigerian High Commission
  5.  Certificate of Incorporation
  6.  ID Card ( Person who is signing the Invitation Letter )
  7.  Marriage Certificate  (Original Copy)
  8.  Company Expatriate Quota
  9.  Last three- months quota return  

Document Required for STR VISA ( Children )

  1.  International Passport of Principal 
  2.  International passport
  3.   4 Photographs
  4.  Invitation Letter Addressing the Nigerian High Commission 
  5.   Certificate of Incorporation 
  6.  ID Card ( Person who is signing the Invitation Letter )
  7.  Birth Certificate ( Original Copy )
  8.  Company Expatriate Quota 
  9.  Last three months quota return

Documents Required for STR VISA ( Parents ) :

  1.  International Passport of Principal 
  2.  International Passport 
  3.  4 Photograph
  4.  Invitation Letter Addressing the Nigerian High Commission 


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