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The F8A Temporary Work Permit (TWP) Visa is granted as a single-entry visa to professionals who are invited by corporate entities to offer specialized skilled services in Nigeria for a brief duration. These services typically involve tasks like after-sales installation, commissioning, upgrading, maintenance, and repairs of equipment and machinery. Additionally, the visa may be issued for purposes such as training and capacity building for Nigerian staff, as well as conducting audits of machinery, equipment, and financial records. The visa is authorized and issued by the Nigerian Embassy following approval from the Comptroller General of Immigration.

Visa Category
Short Visit Visa

Sub category Temporary Work Permit


Experts invited by corporate bodies

  1. To apply for the visa, you will need a passport that remains valid for a minimum of six months and has at least two blank visa pages available for endorsement.
  2. Additionally, you will require a pre-approved visa letter from the relevant authority.
  3. t is also necessary to provide proof of a return ticket to your home country.
  4. You must demonstrate evidence of having sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Nigeria.
  5. Lastly, it is important to provide documentation confirming your hotel reservation or a valid host address in Nigeria.

Visa Validity
Valid for not more than 90 days from the date of issuance

Permit Type and duration of Stay
Single entry. Temporary Work/Visitors Permit not exceeding 90 days

Allowed Activicties
Permitted to perform specialized skilled services listed above

Restricted Activicties

Not permitted for work
Individuals desiring to secure temporary employment in Nigeria